Protesters confront security guards of City Plaza in Tai Koo Place for allowing riot police to enter the mall yesterday


4th November 2019 – (Hong Kong) Over 100 protesters gathered at City Plaza this evening at around 9pm tonight to demand the security guards to explain why riot police were allowed to enter the mall yesterday during police clearance. The management replied that the mall did not call the police yesterday and if police were to enter the premises again, the would follow the company regulations. A spokesperson said that the riot police lurched into the premises at around 6.15pm yesterday without asking for permission from the security guards.

There were several civilians who were injured by an armed man yesterday at City Plaza and district councillor, Andrew Chiu’s ear was bitten by the assailant. The protesters alleged that the management was working in cahoots with the assailant yesterday.

Riot police arrived at City Plaza at 9.50pm and they wanted to enter the premises but security guards on duty immediately locked the glass doors. Riot police eventually entered the mall at 10.05pm and they conducted search on several young people. Their action to allow police to enter the mall further annoyed the protesters. At 10.34pm, security guards repetitively told protesters to leave but they refused to do so. They told them that they needed time to understand the incident further.

Meanwhile, two plainclothes police officers arrested a man for attempting to use a plastic rod to shatter the glass panels of Starbucks at City Plaza.

Plastic rod left behind by the suspect.