Protesters block Cross Harbour Tunnel with barricades and garbage bins (Updated)


3rd August 2019 – ( Hong Kong) At 6.26pm today, protesters began to block the Cross Harbour Tunnel opposite The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with barricades and garbage bins. Traffic has been completely crippled. More protesters continued to occupy the traffic lanes in front of the Toll Plaza.

Vehicles were being forced to U-turn after the Toll Plaza was blocked by protesters. Video credit : Angela Chan

Police warned protesters not to illegally blocked the the tunnel but they refused to heed the warning.

Traffic on both directions of Cross Harbour Tunnel was restored at 7.27pm.

However, protesters blocked the tunnel again at 11.06pm for a short while causing traffic disruptions before they left again.

Toll Plaza at Cross Harbour tunnel

Meanwhile, organiser announced that a total of 120,000 people took part in the street rally that ended at Cherry Street Park at around 6pm.

‘FREE HONG KONG, REVOLUTION OF OUR TIMES, STRIKE ON 5/8’ written on the giant billboard at the Cross Harbour Tunnel.