Protesters block Cross Harbour Tunnel at Kowloon side again for the 4th time


5th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Protesters barricaded Cross Harbour Tunnel at Kowloon side at 6.26pm. Traffic on both directions was ground to a halt.

Massive strike was held at various districts earlier to show protesters’ displeasure with the government. Thousands of protesters who gathered at MacPherson Playground in Mong Kok earlier started to march towards Nathan Road at around 3pm. They used traffic barriers to block Nathan Road disrupting traffic between Argyle Street and Nathan Road.

At 5.20pm, some of these protesters arrived at TST police station while police raised black flag and fired tear gas rounds. Protesters retreated after orange flag was raised at 5.30pm. They then proceeded to block the entrance to Cross Harbour Tunnel.