Protesters begin gathering at Chater Garden in Central (LIVE UPDATES)


28th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Around 500 protesters gathered at Chater Garden in Central at 3pm today. Despite the ban by police, protesters gathered at Chater Garden and will march later to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. Many police officers with shield were present. The number of protesters grew quickly to thousands by 3.30pm today.

Several protesters in black tops and masks were stopped and searched by police officers.

Meanwhile, the organiser, Ventus Lau, the convenor of the Shatin Community Network received the letter of rejection from police today but he refused to acknowledge receipt. He emphasised that he will ensure the safety of the protesters present and he estimated not more than 2,000 people would turn up today. Ventus further stated that he would not be surprised if police arrest him later for organising the illegal assembly.


11.36pm – MTR has restored services at Sai Ying Pun Station, HKU Station and Kennedy Town Station.

11.29pm – Lots of protesters disperse and board trains at Sheung Wan MTR Station.

11.16pm – Some objects near Bonham Street catch fire.

11.07pm – Police fire rounds of tear gas near Gilman Street and Des Vouex Road Central. Protesters continue to retreat.

11.06pm – Police have initiated the 2nd round of dispersal while they move from Shun Tak Centre.

A protester was armed with a bow and arrow in Sheung Wan during the stand off with police.
Video credit : Kashy Keegan 

10.40pm – Protesters erect barriers below an overhead bridge near Rumsey Street.

10.35pm – Police continue to fire tear gas rounds to disperse protestors near Rumsey Street, Sheung Wan.

10.10pm – Protesters walk towards overhead bridge near Connaught Road Central before throwing bamboo sticks, signages at the police. Police re-deploy tear gas towards them. Protesters use laser pointers to aim at the police.

Sponge grenade fired by police penetrated a metal plate at 9.54pm

9.56pm – Police continue to deploy tear gas on Des Vouex Road and Connaught Road Central while protesters retreat from Rumsey Street towards Central. Special Tactical Unit police suddenly lurch forward and manhandle some protesters. At least 4 of them are arrested.

9.07pm – Police fire rubber bullets to disperse protesters near Shun Tak Centre.

8.50pm – Firemen arrive to extinguish the flames.

Some violent protesters set on fire while others helped to extinguish it near Western Market.

8.45pm – Many protesters set fire near Western Market, cardboards on trolleys were burned. Protesters pushed handheld trolleys towards police defence line, severely jeopardising people’s lives. The violence has since escalated.

8.00pm – Kennedy Town station is now closed at the request of the police.

7.45pm – Riot police fire several rounds of tear gas on Des Voeux Road West towards protesters. Several civilians sustained injuries.

Police have commenced clearance from West Central towards Central area.

7.40pm – Police start to disperse crowd from Des Voeux Road West and Connaught Road West towards Central. Residents nearby have been advised to shut their windows.

7.29pm – Police fire several rounds of tear gas opposite Shun Tak Centre.

6.58pm – Tear gas just fired by riot police near Beijing’s Liaison office.

6.58pm – Protesters move traffic barriers to erect a defence line against the riot police in West Central.

6.54pm – More protesters have gathered near Western Street in Sai Ying Pun and they are currently in stand off with riot police. Red flag was seen raised by riot police.

6.30pm – All ferries included Cotai Water Jet from Taipa, Macau originally scheduled to arrive at Macau terminal, Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan will divert all their ferries to China Hong Kong City.

Cotai Water Jet

6.15pm – More riot police officers alight from a bus in Sheung Wan. More riot police have just arrived in Sai Ying Pun near Des Voeux Road West.

Des Voeux Road West.

5.40pm – Riot police raise orange flag near police station in West Central.

5.42pm – Sogo management announces closes of their store. Customers and diners at their cafe are advised to leave immediately via their entrance at Lockhart Road.

Entrance of Sogo at Lockhart Road.

Diners asked to leave.
Protesters near Sogo, Causeway Bay.

5.30pm – Police close down the main entrance of their station in Sheung Wan.

Police station in Sheung Wan,

4.50pm – Riot police are already on standby outside Beijing’s Liaison Office as protesters march towards the premises.

Police on standby near Beijing’s Liaison office.

4.28pm – Some protesters at Chater Garden have started to march towards West Central.

4.22pm – Front line protesters are indecisive if they should proceed to Victoria Park or return. Several shops nearby immediately roll down their shutters. Some protesters begin to surround the Wan Chai Police Headquarter.

4.18pm – Crowd walk along Hennessy Road towards Causeway Bay while front line protesters have reached Sogo Store .

Protesters at Sogo Store .

4.15pm – Police announce that many protesters have deviated from their original route and occupied Admiralty, Hennessy Road causing traffic congestions.

4.05pm – Protesters use traffic cones to block off Connaught Road Central (west-bound). The march has stretched from Causeway Bay to Fleming Road. It is estimated that over 10,000 people are in the procession.

3.54pm – Protesters have reached Wan Chai Police Headquarters while some have split and moved towards Causeway Bay.