Prominent Chinese writer Wang Anyi receives Legion of Honour award from France

Chinese Writer Wang Anyi

25th MAy 2024 – (Shanghai) Wang Anyi, a renowned Chinese writer, was bestowed the prestigious Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, the highest order of merit in France, during a ceremony held in Shanghai on Friday.

Bertrand Lortholary, the French ambassador to China, presented the award to Wang in recognition of her exceptional contributions to literature and cultural exchanges between China and France.

Wang, aged 70, expressed her belief that literary exchange has become a cherished tradition that fosters mutual understanding and connection between China and France.

Hailing from a family with a literary background, Wang has amassed an impressive body of work throughout her career, encompassing approximately 100 short stories and over 20 novels. Her contributions to the literary world have been widely acclaimed.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, and Wang has played a pivotal role in promoting French literature in China. She has actively facilitated exchanges with numerous French authors, showcasing her deep admiration for French literary works.

Wang’s literary achievements have not gone unnoticed in France. More than a dozen of her works, including “The Song of Everlasting Sorrow,” have been translated and published in the country, allowing French readers to appreciate her talent and storytelling.

Reflecting on her craft, Wang remarked that literary creation requires both talent and practice. She described writing novels as a true craft, highlighting diligence as her primary quality. She expressed her hope that the garden of literature and art would continue to thrive and flourish in every season.

Established in 1802, the Legion of Honor represents France’s highest distinction. It is conferred upon individuals, both military and civilian, who have made significant contributions to France and its ideals.