Prolific filmmaker Wong Jing suggests Tony Leung unworthy of winning the 6th Best Actor award at the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards

    Tony Leung in Goldfinger. Insert picture: Wong Jing.

    15th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) The 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards took place last night (14th) and the results have sparked considerable controversy. While Jennifer Yu was dubbed a “trend-driven best actress,” Tony Leung’s sixth Best Actor win for “The Goldfinger” has left many netizens questioning whether his performance truly merited the accolade. They argue that other contenders like Bowie Lam for “In Broad Daylight” were more deserving. Even director Wong Jing voiced his opinion, stating that Leung did not deserve the Best Actor award.

    In a recent social media post, prolific filmmaker Wong Jing revealed that he attended the awards ceremony with Sabrina Qiu, expressing his longstanding support for the unique Hong Kong film event despite never being nominated himself.

    Wong Jing went on to critique this year’s results, specifically targeting Leung’s performance. He stated that “A Guilty Conscience” deserved the Best Picture award, with Jennifer Yu as the leading actress and Rachel Leung as the supporting actress. He also praised David Chiang’s performance as the supporting actor, suggesting that the award should have gone to him instead. Wong Jing further argued that Leung’s portrayal in “The Goldfinger” was not his best, stating that it fell short compared to his performances in “Lust, Caution” and “2046” in terms of depth and subtlety. He even suggested that Leung should emulate the likes of Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung, who announced they would no longer accept awards, to give opportunities to the younger generation.

    Wong Jing’s comments sparked a heated discussion among netizens, with some applauding his frankness while others found his remarks distasteful. One netizen commented, “Tony Leung may no longer need the Hong Kong Film Award, but the award ceremony certainly needs him,” while another suggested that Wong Jing should donate his entire wealth if he truly felt that way and added, “Instead of moral coercion, he should focus on himself.”