ProgIntl says invasion of Brazil’s seats of power may have been planned in U.S

ProgIntl General Coordinator David Adler

Xinhua News

9th January 2023 – (Brasilia) Brazilian protestors’ invasion of national organs may have been planned from the United States, a political economist and coordinator of the left-wing international organisation Progressive International (ProgIntl) said Sunday on Twitter.

Supporters of Brazil’s former President Jair Bolsonaro invaded and vandalized the parliament, headquarters of the federal government and the Federal Supreme Court on Sunday.

Evidence suggested that the invasions “may have been planned in Florida,” tweeted ProgIntl General Coordinator David Adler, adding that “Secretary of Security for the Federal District is in the USA and recently traveled to Orlando — exactly where Jair Bolsonaro is currently staying.”

He also mentioned that group messages have surfaced of Bolsonaro supporter groups on Facebook, offering trips to Brasilia to participate in the protest with “all expenses paid.”

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has condemned the invasions by supporters of Bolsonaro, saying they would be punished “with the full force of law.”

Local media reported Brazilian security forces have retaken the national Congress building from the rioters, while operations were still underway in the Supreme Court headquarters and the presidential offices.