Pro-democracy singer Denise Ho holds online livestream session, Anthony Wong performs as guest

    Picture source: Denise Ho's Facebook

    13th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Denise Ho, a pro-democracy artist who was accused of being one of the key figures behind anti-extradition protest in 2019 has attended the US Congress and the United Nations meeting to lobby for foreign sanctions against China and Hong Kong.

    She was originally scheduled to perform at the Shouson Theatre of the Hong Kong Arts Centre on Monday (6th) but the venue lease was revoked as it was feared that her concert might endanger public order and safety. She then held a “Hocc Shouson Livestream” online session yesterday at 8pm to appease her fans. The online tickets were sold at HK$320 each.

    Pro-democracy singer Anthony Wong Yiu Ming appeared as a guest singer during the session.

    Denise Ho later lodged a complaint with the Art Centre alleging that the refusal was done without any grounds. In the reply letter, the Art Centre firmly denied Ho’s accusation and regarded her claim as groundless. The Art Centre reiterated that Ho was suspected of violating the clause 22c of the venue lease contract, which stated that the relevant activities might endanger public order and safety, and therefore exercised the right to terminate the lease.

    Anthony Wong Yiu Ming and 34-year-old Au Nok Hin, a pro-democracy lawmaker were arrested by the Independent Commission Against Corruption and 3rd August for suspected fraudulent involvement in the 2018 Legislative Council by-election. The Chief Magistrate approved Wong to sign a binding over oder at HK$2,000 for 18 months.