Pro-democracy activist Nathan Law granted political asylum in U.K.


8th April 2021 – (London) Nathan Law, the pro-democracy activist who is wanted by the police for violating the “Hong Kong National Security Law” and is now in exile in the United Kingdom. He was recently granted asylum by the British Home Office. The relevant department of the British Home Office is also urged to learn more about the complex political situation in Hong Kong and try to give a certain degree of discretion to others to give them a safe haven.

Some scholars criticised that this move would only encourage more activists to leave Hong Kong, evade legal responsibility, and use political persecution in exchange for staying in the UK. Nathan Law posted a post on social media yesterday (7th), saying that after about four months of application, he had met and talked with the Refugee Council many times. He had received a notice from the British Home Office earlier that the asylum application had been approved. He also expects that he will not be able to return to Hong Kong in the foreseeable future.