Private club in Central sparks outrage with exorbitant HK$2.68 million membership fee


5th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s central district is home to a lavish private club that has recently come under fire for its exorbitant membership fees. With an eye-watering price tag of HK$2.68 million, gaining entry to this exclusive establishment requires deep pockets and a taste for opulence. The club’s extravagant amenities and unique interior designs, including a “rarely-seen” room filled with rare and valuable treasures, have sparked heated discussions among netizens.

A mainland Chinese influencer took to the popular social media platform Xiaohongshu to share his experience visiting this high-end club. In her post titled “What’s the Experience Like with a HK$2.68 Million Membership Fee???” she exclaimed, “I went to Central to meet this woman and checked out her new workplace. It was absolutely amazing!”

According to the original poster, the membership fee for the club alone stands at HK$820,000. However, for those who wish to enjoy the added privilege of access to the Sai Kung Golf Course, the fee skyrockets to a staggering HK$2.68 million. Online sources indicate that the latter sum is for a family membership, and the club only accepts applications from individuals who have been invited. This brand-new establishment only opened its doors earlier this year.

One internet user raised a question, asking, “Is the HK$2.68 million fee an annual fee or a one-time payment?” The original poster clarified, “It’s the membership fee.”

Netizens had mixed reactions to the news, with some expressing awe at the club’s offerings. One individual commented, “Wow, what an experience! Is it worth the price? I feel like this is a circle that holds great value.”

Some netizens particularly admired the club’s restaurant, with one stating, “Haha, it seems interesting. This Japanese restaurant looks good. I want to go and try it.” Another user humorously remarked, “My profile picture is from this restaurant.”

However, there were those who criticised the club’s exorbitant membership fee, highlighting the stark contrast between the privileged elite and the average individual. One netizen remarked, “There are many clubs that are even more expensive than this one; it just depends on your level of wealth. Some claim that even if you have money, you might not be able to get in. These are all toys for the rich, not something that a commoner like me can afford.”