Private car overturns on Tolo Highway in Tai Po, no injuries reported


8th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A traffic accident occurred on Tolo Highway in Tai Po at noon today. A private car was suspected to have lost control, swerved and hit a road divider before overturning. A video captured by a car’s dashboard camera showed the incident, with the following vehicle narrowly avoiding a collision with the overturned car after the driver managed to swerve in time.

According to the footage, the accident occurred on Tolo Highway towards Kowloon, near Classical Gardens. The private car was initially driving normally before losing control while turning, swerving left and right in an S-shape before colliding with the road divider and overturning. Fortunately, the 67-year-old male driver did not sustain any injuries, and the incident has been classified as a traffic accident with no casualties.