BMW private car flees during intercept attempt in Cheung Sha Wan, police officer’s gunfire unsuccessful (Updated: 2.28pm)


2nd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) In an incident that unfolded during a patrol in Cheung Sha Wan, a police officer attempted to intercept a BMW private car that was found to have an expired vehicle licence through an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System at around 12.13pm today. However, the driver of the private car ignored the officer’s instructions and accelerated, prompting the police to initiate a pursuit. The chase ended tragically on Castle Peak Road near Tai Nan West Street, when the private car collided with two taxis and another private car. Despite the officer’s attempt to stop the car by firing his gun, the private car managed to escape, leaving behind an injured driver and a female pedestrian. Authorities are now working to apprehend the vehicle and its driver.

The taxi driver involved in the incident, during an interview, stated that after the police officer dismounted from the motorcycle, he blocked all the vehicles present and then rushed towards the private car, brandishing his gun as a warning for about 20 seconds. The officer continuously shouted and demanded that the driver exit the vehicle, but the driver ignored the instructions. The officer also attempted to hit and open the car door but was unsuccessful. Suddenly, the driver drove off, crashing into three cars and mounting the sidewalk to escape the traffic jam by going against the flow of traffic. The taxi driver mentioned, “It wasn’t very fast, but his car probably had enough horsepower to push our cars aside. He stepped on the gas pedal for sure.” When asked if he was concerned about the officer driving, the taxi driver chuckled and said, “No need to worry. If gunshots were fired, I would find a place to take cover.”

He also mentioned that at the time of the incident, there was a taxi parked in front of the offending private car, and its body was damaged. The taxi had since left the scene.