Private car drives against traffic flow on multiple occasions and collides with bus near Mei Foo Sun Chuen


4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A video posted by a netizen on June 4 showed a private car driving on Nathan Road and turning into the opposite direction of Dundas Street. Fortunately, the traffic light was red at the time, and no accident occurred. However, the driver realised his mistake and reversed the car back onto Dundas Street before turning around to head in the correct direction.

Another video was later uploaded, showing the same private car driving in the wrong direction on Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei towards Public Square Street before running a red light and turning left onto Shanghai Street. Netizens commented on the reckless driving, with some suggesting that the driver was “crazy” while others speculated that he may have been suffering from a medical condition that caused him to drive in the wrong direction.

Later in the afternoon, a photo was uploaded showing the same private car colliding with the back of a bus on Lai Chi Kok Road near Mei Foo Sun Chuen. The driver, surnamed Lai and aged 73, was standing beside his car with injuries to his eyes. Authorities received a report of the accident at 4.34pm and dispatched an ambulance to the scene to transport the driver to the hospital for further examination.