Private car cuts across lanes in Mong Kok, motorcycle overturns, passenger narrowly avoids ankle fracture


28th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) At 7.50am today on Argyle Street in Mong Kok, a video captured by a dashboard camera circulated on social media, revealing the moment of a traffic accident. The footage showed a motorcycle traveling along the centre lane of Argyle Street towards Tai Kok Tsui. Adjacent to the motorcycle was a white private car. As the two vehicles approached the intersection of Argyle Street and Nathan Road, the private car suddenly signalled left and cut across into the centre lane. Consequently, the motorcycle, seemingly attempting to avoid a collision, toppled over to the left.

Both the male South Asian motorcycle rider and his male passenger fell to the ground in a tumbling manner, narrowly escaping being struck by a private car traveling in the slow lane. It was a harrowing moment. After the incident, the two individuals initially sat dazed on the road, clearly shaken. Shortly thereafter, they managed to get up. However, the passenger appeared to have a suspected ankle fracture as he promptly sat back down. The white private car involved in the incident also came to a stop at the intersection.

According to the police, the driver of the private car, surnamed Wong, is a 50-year-old individual. The motorcycle rider and passenger, both South Asian individuals holding Hong Kong identity cards, are aged 35 and 45, respectively. The two vehicles were traveling westbound along Argyle Street and, at the junction near Sai Yeung Choi Street, the private car made a lane change, resulting in the motorcycle losing balance and overturning. Both the motorcycle rider and passenger sustained injuries and were taken to Kwong Wah Hospital for medical treatment.