Prince of Wales Hospital announces incident of test results of equipment used in cardiothoracic surgery


1st December 2021 – (Hong Kong) The spokesperson for Prince of Wales Hospital made the following announcement today regarding the test results of equipment used in cardiothoracic surgery:
 During routine checking in late October, water samples were collected from heater-cooler equipment used in cardiothoracic surgery. Test results available in mid-November showed that a water sample was positive for non-tuberculous Mycobacteria. The hospital regularly takes water samples from the equipment for testing and the previous water sample test taken on 16th September this year was negative for non-tuberculous Mycobacteria.
 The hospital is very concerned about the incident and has taken follow-up actions immediately. Surgery records were checked and it was confirmed that after 16th September, the equipment had been used during the cardiothoracic surgery of 15 patients. The patients have been notified and none of them have shown signs of infection. As the water in the equipment does not come into direct contact with the patients, the infection risk of the patients has been assessed to be low after risk assessment.
The hospital has notified the manufacturer to follow up on the incident, and stopped using the equipment immediately. A thorough cleaning and replacement of the tubing and appliance parts has been arranged. Another set of heater-cooler equipment has been put to use and cardiothoracic surgery services have remained normal.
The hospital has reported the incident to the Hospital Authority Head Office. It will continue to closely monitor the clinical condition of the patients concerned and will keep monitoring the situation.