Prince Edward two-dish rice shop falls victim to lightning-fast thief, losing over HK$4,000


14th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A two-dish rice shop was targeted by a cunning thief yesterday evening at the intersection of Cheung Sha Wan Road and Boundary Street in Prince Edward. The suspect, dressed in a black T-shirt, grey trousers, and a black mask, posed as a customer as he entered the establishment. Seizing the opportunity while the female cashier turned her back to prepare a takeaway order, the thief swiftly snatched the cash register, making off with over HK$4,000 in cash before escaping through the door. The shocked cashier, upon realising the theft, stood bewildered in disbelief.

Four surveillance footage clips captured the entire incident. The recordings revealed that the perpetrator had initially observed the shop from outside before entering to make his pretended food selection. As one female employee engaged in cleaning duties with her back turned to the cash register, another female employee approached to retrieve a takeaway box. It was at this moment that the thief executed his lightning-fast move, swiftly grabbing a stack of banknotes and fleeing the scene.

Law enforcement authorities were promptly notified of the incident at 8.11pm on the same evening. A 51-year-old female employee reported the theft, estimating the stolen amount to be approximately HK$4,140. The case is currently being treated as a theft and is under investigation.