Primary school teacher admits to molesting 8 female students on campus

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7th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A young male primary school teacher has been accused of molesting eight female students on campus. The incidents involved inappropriate touching, such as groping the girls’ chests and sweeping down their collarbones, with one student even reporting being touched when raising her hand to ask a question. The shocking revelations came to light when seven of the victims confided in a social worker, leading to the discovery of an additional victim who expressed regret for not speaking up earlier. The accused teacher, identified as Y. W. H. (27 years old), has pleaded guilty to all 12 charges of indecent assault.

The incidents occurred between 2021 and 2022 at a school in the Tin Shui Wai district. The eight affected students all attended the same school where the accused taught. One of the victims, referred to as Girl A, experienced two instances of molestation during math class, where the accused, who was her homeroom and math teacher, approached her to address her raised hand and proceeded to touch her left breast and the area near her shoulder. Girl B, a student in the general science class taught by the accused, reported two incidents of molestation. In the first instance, the accused approached her, placed his hand on her shoulder, and swept it down towards her upper chest, lingering for about five seconds. In the second incident, after answering a question in class, Girl B was caught off guard when the accused suddenly placed his hand near her right shoulder, close to her chest. Despite feeling frightened, Girl B took a photo with the accused on the last day of fourth grade out of fear of exposing the events.

The accused teacher’s misconduct extended to Girl C, another student in the general science class. Girl C recalled an incident during class where she was performing stretching exercises, and the accused placed three fingers on her chest, holding them there for approximately three seconds. On another occasion, while Girl C was resting against a chair, the accused approached her and lightly tapped the area close to her right breast, pretending to wake her up, although she was not asleep. Girl C expressed anger regarding both incidents.

Further accounts of misconduct involved Girl D, who reported that the accused touched her left shoulder and then swept his hand down to her chest in a circular motion during a general science class. Girl E, during a math class, experienced the accused placing his hand below her collarbone for about five seconds, causing her discomfort and prompting her to move away. Girl F disclosed that the accused touched her breasts from behind while descending a staircase together. When Girl F turned to look, the accused immediately withdrew his hand. Lastly, Girl G described an incident during a general science class where the accused touched her shoulder close to her chest for nearly a minute, leaving her extremely frightened.

Additionally, Girl X was subjected to multiple instances of indecent assault. During a class, the accused called her to his desk and placed his hand on her collarbone, lightly caressing her breasts twice. Feeling uncomfortable and afraid, Girl X took a step back. On another occasion, during a break, the accused pointed out areas for improvement in her assignments and once again, touched her collarbone and lightly caressed her breasts.

Subsequently, the school’s social worker reported the incidents involving Girls A to G to the vice principal, leading to the involvement of the police. It was then that Girl X, upon hearing similar experiences from her classmates, decided to disclose her own encounters and expressed regret for not speaking up earlier. The accused teacher was initially arrested in November 2022 and subsequently re-arrested in June of the following year following Girl X’s complaint.

The accused teacher, Y. W. H., has pleaded guilty to all 12 counts of indecent assault. During the hearing at the district court, temporary judge Veronica Heung Shuk-yin ordered that he remain in custody until 21st June for the collection of background, psychological, and psychiatric reports. The court will decide on the appropriate sentence based on these reports.