Primary school clerical assistant sentenced to 40 months for sexually assaulting 7 young girls


8th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) A primary school clerical assistant was found to have used his position to assault 7 female students in the school and was therefore charged with 7 counts of indecent assault and 4 counts of producing child pornography. He pleaded guilty to all charges in the District Court today (8th). The judge reprimanded him for abusing his role in the school to sexually assault a lot of female students. His action is a violation of integrity, coupled with the high number of crimes and the long duration of the case, the defendant was sentenced to immediate imprisonment for 3 years and 4 months.

The 28-year-old defendant was working as a clerical assistant in a primary school in Sha Tin District and he provided assistance in the medical room. The case revealed that on 24th October, 2017, a girl Z, who was only 8 years old, went to the medical room due to stomach pain, but the defendant took Z to the “campus TV station” room instead. He ordered Z to lie on the ground and told her that he needed to check her body and lifted Z’s school skirt. He pulled down her underwear and took a close-up shot of Z’s genitals and touched Z’s genitals. Within a month, the defendant did the same to three other female students who went to the medical room for treatment.

One day in February 2018, an 11-year-old girl V went to the medical room because of discomfort. The defendant reached into her school uniform, pressed her chest before retracting. V thought it was checking his heartbeat and didn’t care, but the defendant continued to put his hand in her underwear and press her genitals. The last incident occurred on 14th June of the same year. Girls T and U, aged 10 and 11, went to the school office to find the defendant. The defendant took the two people to the campus TV station and forced them to sit on his left and right thighs. During this period, the defendant stroked T’s right chest for a few seconds through the school skirt, and then touched U’s right chest with the other hand for about 1 minute. The incident was exposed because of a girl’s complaint.

The defendant said he was curious before committing the crime and he felt ecstatic when he committed the sexual assault on the girls. When the defence pleaded, the psychologist believed that the defendant had paedophilia, but the defendant disagreed and said that he would no longer engage in the related occupation, so there was little chance of repeating the crime. The defence also alleged that the defendant was ashamed of his actions, sincerely apologised to the victimized girls their parents and the school, and was more willing to give up the commutation of the sentence obtained by pleading guilty. When sentencing, the judge emphasised that parents entrust their children to the school with peace of mind, but the defendant was selfish and shattered the parents’ expectations of the school and made the parents live in self-blame.