President Xi Jinping urges to respect human rights progress in different countries



25th May 2022 – (Beijing) Chinese leader Xi Jinping urged to respect human rights progress in different countries during a video conference on Wednesday with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet who is visiting China.

“It is necessary to respect human rights progress in all countries,” China Central Television quoted him as saying. “The national traits of each country are different, there are differences in history and culture, the social system, the level of socio-economic development,” the Chinese leader continued. “It is only necessary and possible to proceed from the actual situation in the country and people’s needs in order to find an appropriate way to develop human rights,” he pointed out.

Chinese president emphasized that escaping the reality and blindly copying the models of other countries can lead to catastrophic repercussions which in the end will cause the suffering of many people. Xi Jinping also noted that China is ready to maintain active dialogue and develop cooperation in the sphere of human rights with all sides based on equality and mutual respect, expand consensus, minimize differences of opinion, share best practices, facilitate the promotion of human rights for the global good.

In her turn, Bachelet said that the UN Human Rights Office is willing to bolster and discuss cooperation with the Chinese side and make joint efforts to promote the progress of the global human rights cause. She stressed that during the visit she expected to establish contacts and directly communicate with the Chinese government as well as with the representatives of different circles of society and asserted that this visit will allow her to better understand China.

On Monday, UN High Commissioner arrived in China and met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Guangzhou on the same day. As the press service of the UN Human Rights Office reported on Friday, the visit will last until May 28. This is the first country visit by a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to China since 2005.