President Putin optimistic about Russia’s future due to enormous resources


27th May 2023 – (Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence in Russia’s bright future during a meeting with members of the Business Russia organisation, citing the country’s enormous resources, particularly its human resources. He also praised the country’s education system, particularly in mathematics and engineering, while acknowledging the need to keep up with the times and adapt to the challenges ahead.

Responding to a comment from the chairman of Business Russia, Alexey Repik, about the need to refocus on rapidly developing markets, Putin noted that Russia had already begun this process before the current situation arose. He pointed out that the growth of these markets was due to objective circumstances related to changes in the global economy’s structure and the emergence of new global leaders, and that Russia had already shifted its focus to these growth centres in advance.

While acknowledging that Russia still had work to do to achieve its goals, Putin expressed confidence in the country’s ability to succeed. He emphasised that Russia knew what it wanted and what means to use to achieve its goals, and that the country had enormous resources to draw upon.

Putin’s remarks reflect his long-standing emphasis on the importance of human capital in Russia’s development, as well as his belief in the country’s potential as a major global player. Despite economic challenges and geopolitical tensions, Putin has consistently maintained a positive outlook on Russia’s future, citing its vast natural resources, highly educated population, and strategic location as key advantages.