President Biden acknowledges deep disagreements but profound respect for late Secretary of State Henry Kissinger


1st December 2023 – (Washington) U.S. President Joe Biden, on Thursday, candidly acknowledged his regular and often intense disagreements with the late Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. Secretary of State who passed away a day earlier at the age of 100.

In his eulogy, the President reminisced about his inaugural encounter with Kissinger, which left an indelible impression on him. At the time, Biden was a young senator, and Kissinger served as the Secretary of State. Biden described this first meeting as an unforgettable experience, with Kissinger providing a comprehensive briefing on the global state of affairs.

“Throughout our careers, we often disagreed. And often strongly. But from that first briefing — his fierce intellect and profound strategic focus was evident,” Biden acknowledged.

Despite their frequent ideological differences, Biden expressed deep respect for Kissinger’s intellectual prowess and strategic insight, which were clearly manifested from their earliest interactions and remained consistent throughout his career.

Kissinger’s influence extended well beyond his tenure in government, Biden noted. “Long after retiring from government, he continued to offer his views and ideas to the most important policy discussion across multiple generations,” the President said. This demonstrated Kissinger’s lifelong dedication to public service and his enduring impact on policy debates across various eras.

In his tribute, President Biden offered heartfelt condolences to Kissinger’s family and expressed sympathy for all those mourning his passing. He acknowledged the profound loss felt by many who admired, respected, and loved the late Secretary of State.