Preliminary reports and public notices on two paragliding accidents released


Hong Kong Government Press Release

23rd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Air Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) today released the Accident Investigation Preliminary Reports 1/2023 and 2/2023 as well as the relevant public notices on two paragliding accidents. The first accident involved an Ozone Rush 6 paraglider that descended rapidly towards a bush area in the southeast of Pyramid Hill on 26th December, 2022, with the pilot stranded and seriously injured. The second one involved a PHI Fantasia 22 paraglider that landed in the sea off Long Ke Wan in Sai Kung on 15th February this year. The pilot was drowned and was conveyed to hospital for treatment, where he was certified dead later.

A spokesperson for the AAIA said that the preliminary reports contain information relating to the accidents at the time of issue, and should be regarded as tentative.

“The investigation team is conducting detailed analysis of the data and information collected in order to determine the circumstances and causes of the occurrences in conjunction with identifying areas for further investigation or lines of inquiry to follow up,” the spokesperson said.

The full Accident Investigation Preliminary Reports 1/2023 and 2/2023 are available for download from the AAIA webpage (