Prank expert strikes back by hiding shoes belonging to elderly woman who puts legs on opposite seat on bus


2nd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Passengers who put their feet on the opposite seat have long been criticised for their lack of consideration. In a recent similar incident involving an elderly woman, a prank expert speculated that someone took matters into their own hands by hiding her shoes, but the online response has been divided. Some find it satisfying, stating “Finally, someone did what I’ve always wanted to do,” while others express concern for the woman, saying, “In such hot weather, she must be physically weak or have a health condition. It’s not kind to treat her this way.”

The incident unfolded when a Facebook user shared a post titled “The person who took her shoes, she’s currently searching for them.” The accompanying photos showed an elderly woman wearing two hats, white socks, and thick clothing, with a handcart in tow. She appeared to be sleeping with her head covered on the bus, and her feet were placed on the opposite seat. In a video attached to the post, the granny was seen anxiously searching around her seat, bending and turning, looking for her shoes. At one point, she even shook off a part of her coat in a state of distress.

The act of hiding the woman’s shoes sparked mixed reactions among netizens. Some found it satisfying, commenting “It serves her right,” “Although it’s a bit mean, I like it,” “Well done to those who have no sense of public decency. They deserve to be punished,” “She went too far,” “It’s better than just taking pictures and doing nothing,” “Hiding her shoes is a good lesson. But I suggest informing the bus driver about the location of the shoes when getting off,” “Inform the bus driver that you found the lost item, that would be the ultimate justice,” “Kick one shoe off the bus,” “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

While some netizens found it amusing and felt that the act was a form of retribution, others expressed concern for the woman’s well-being. They speculated that she might be physically weak or have an underlying health condition, making such a prank unkind and inappropriate, particularly in the sweltering heat of the summer.