Praise abounds for Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam’s hairstylist and his stellar look

    Kuen Tsz-hin (left) and Raymond Lam (right).

    25th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Raymond Lam, the Hong Kong actor who has been based in Mainland China in recent years, continues to soar in popularity with his appearances in stage dramas and variety shows. Known for his captivating looks and immense talent, Lam has amassed a significant fan following and has been a major success in the entertainment industry. However, as time passes, even the handsome Lam has had to face the inevitable effects of aging, including receding hairlines. But in a surprising turn of events, his hair has recently become noticeably lush and jet black, seemingly defying the aging process. This miraculous transformation can be attributed to Lam’s personal hairstylist, Quan Zixuan, who has been instrumental in maintaining Lam’s youthful appearance. Recently, Quan styled Lam’s hair into a fashionable and masculine look, which both men were highly satisfied with. They even took a selfie together to share their excitement. Little did they know that the photo would go viral online, with netizens praising Quan’s exceptional skill and remarking that his handsome appearance could rival that of professional models featured in MIRROR magazine. Some even suggested that Quan should consider a career in the spotlight himself.

    Lam’s hairstyles have always captivated the attention of netizens, and his recent visit to Quan prior to attending a concert by Jolin Tsai was no exception. Quan crafted a new hairstyle for Lam, resulting in a thick, lustrous mane that completely masks any signs of ageing. This remarkable transformation is a testament to Kuen’s expertise as a hairstylist. It’s worth noting that Quan is a sought-after hairstylist among many celebrities, and is highly regarded within the industry.

    While Quan’s hairstyling skills are widely acclaimed, netizens are also enamored by his own appearance. They praise his trendy and fashionable sense of style, noting his Korean-inspired look, tattoos, and overall rebellious aura. Interestingly, aside from his hairstyling expertise, Quan is also a talented rapper. Despite his potential for a successful entertainment career, he has yet to fully venture into the industry, leaving his natural star quality somewhat untapped.