Power instability mars Sham Shui Po computer festival


24th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a bid to brighten up the nights across all 18 districts, the Hong Kong Computer Industry Association reignited the Sham Shui Po computer festival. However, the excitement was dimmed as vendors grappled with an erratic power supply on the second day of the event.

As the afternoon sun began to wane on Saturday, the festival’s charm was overshadowed by the frustration of stall owners. Despite generators humming with electricity, power was inexplicably intermittent, leaving over 30 computer monitors at his kiosk in the dark — with only a few managing to flicker to life.

The power supply inconsistency has not only put a damper on the festive mood but also cast a shadow on the sales prospects of vendors who came with hopes of capitalising on the bustling street market. Stall owners remain in a state of limbo, ‘waiting for the power to come’ as the day progresses. With a significant number of the 30 monitors remaining unresponsive, the challenge of powering up for business remains an unforeseen hurdle that has yet to be overcome.