Potential animal-to-human transmission of Delta variant involving female employee at Little Boss pet shop in Causeway Bay


18th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive Carrie Lam pointed out this morning that the current community epidemic is still at risk, and two cluster outbreaks are still a cause of concern. One is the Silka Seaview Hotel transmission cluster with nearly 9 related confirmed cases. The other case is the female employee at Little Boss pet shop in Causeway Bay who is infected with with the Delta variant virus. This shows that there may be two variant virus strains in Hong Kong. Since the case may involve animals, and the same store has more than ten branches throughout Hong Kong, the government has done a lot of work on the relevant situation.

Delta variant virus was reportedly detected from the pet animal samples obtained from Little Boss pet shop and the authorities are investigating potential animal-to-human transmission.

It is possible that the hamsters imported from the Netherlands in the shop had the same genome type of Delta variant causing the female employee to be infected.

The Food and Health Bureau and the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department have been urged to report the progress of the case later today.

Carrie Lam is concerned about the risk of two mutated virus strains with unknown sources spreading in the local community.