Posters on illegal use of force by police officers in Sha Tin spotted in New York Subway


17th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) The poster of a Hong Kong policeman who provoked anti-extradition protestors were seen in London and Richmond, Canada recently.

The latest to join the international ‘Hall of Shame’ is police officer, Pak Lam Cheng, who used to be a child actor with TVB before becoming police officer. The 34 year old police officer was accused of abusing a protestor with severe violence causing severe injury on the poster. A screenshot picture of him manhandling a protestor during the violent clash in Sha Tin on Sunday was printed on the poster posted in New York Subway yesterday.

Meanwhile, another poster shows ‘how Hong Kong Police force turned a peaceful protest into a bloodshed chaos by using inappropriate violence’ in Sha Tin New Town Plaza was also seen alongside Pak Lam Cheng’s poster.

Pak Lam Cheng was a TVB child actor.