Poster of Hong Kong police officer who allegedly provoked protestors on 7th July found on high street in London


16th July 2019 – (United Kingdom) A poster of a police officer from Hong Kong was found on a public telephone booth on a high street in London, United Kingdom. The poster was written in Cantonese and it was similar to the others found on many Lennon Wall message boards in Hong Kong. On 13th July, over 30 police stormed ‘Lennon Wall Subway’ in Tai Po to remove 40 posters containing private information of the police officer.

The ‘famous’ police officer allegedly shouted at protestors on 7th July requested them to walk faster despite heavy traffic. One of the protestors responded by challenging him to fight in a duel. The police officer subsequently accepted his challenge openly. He was later found by netizens to live in Tuen Mun public housing area.