Porsche shielded by inflatable cover thwarts parking enforcement in City One Shatin

City One Shatin

2nd December 2023 – (Hong Kong) An unusual sight in City One Shatin has sparked considerable discussion among netizens. An old Porsche Panamera owner managed to evade parking enforcement by enveloping his car with an inflatable cover, according to photographs shared on Facebook.

City One Shatin is known for its swift response to improperly parked vehicles, typically clamping them within minutes of a violation being detected. However, this innovative solution appeared to leave the enforcement team at a loss, generating significant online chatter.

The vehicle in question was first spotted in a car park near Repulse Bay Beach, according to a Facebook page. At that point, it didn’t draw much attention. Subsequently, the Porsche was seen parked near a Nike store on Nathan Road in Mong Kok, where passers-by began taking notice and sharing their sightings on social media. Finally, the car moved to City One Shatin, where it remained for an extended period, triggering further debate among netizens.

The car was spotted earlier at Repulse Bay.
Nathan Road, Mong Kok

Interestingly, the vehicle had been seen in at least three different locations, with no markings or advertisements on the car or the inflatable cover. This led many online commentators to suspect that the unusual parking method was a publicity stunt. One social media user speculated, “Selling advertisements? I’ve seen it in three places today,” while another suggested, “If you want to buy one, leaving it out in the open like this will make it clear.”

Once in City One Shatin, the enforcement team was stumped by the inflated cover, which enveloped the vehicle entirely, including the tyres. The team was hesitant to puncture the cover for fear of being accused of causing damage. Many security personnel were seen passing by, looking at the covered Porsche in astonishment.

Just when it seemed that the parking enforcement team had been outsmarted, the situation took another turn. A netizen reported hearing a security guard threatening to call the police if the car was not moved. Eventually, two men, believed to be the car owners, were forced to deflate the cover and drive the vehicle away under the watchful eye of security. This incident has certainly brought a new dimension to the ongoing debate about parking enforcement in Hong Kong