Porsche Panamera offered at 90% discount in Mainland due to technical error, 599 pre-orders generated


5th February 2023 – (Yinchuan) A netizen reported that on 30th January, the Porsche Centre in Yinchuan, capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region launched a Panamera model at 90% discount priced at only 124,000 yuan. After the link generated 598 pre-orders, Porsche immediately removed the car and users could no longer log in but the booking records were still maintained in the users’ reservation record system.

After the incident, the Yinchuan Porsche Centre explained that when the Panamera car was offered for sale, the system faltered and the decimal point was moved forward, resulting in a serious deviation in the price input. In addition, there was only one car in stock, so only the first order was accepted.

At present, Porsche Centre Yinchuan has reached a transaction agreement with a customer for 1.24 million yuan according to the sales process. As for other orders, the system automatically determined that they were invalid and will refund the deposit of RMB 911 within 48 hours. As soon as the incident was exposed, it immediately caused heated discussions among many mainland netizens. Some netizens thought that it was caused by the negligence of the technician. They said that it should be an accidental typo when it was put on the shelves.

There are also netizens who believe that this incident is a false propaganda, and they left messages saying, “If car dealers can cancel orders without penalty, then many merchants can use the same promotional routine to garner traffic”. Some claimed that it was obviously a breach of contract and liquidated damages should be made.