Popular Japanese adult video actress Yua Mikami announces her retirement

    Japanese adult video actress Yua Mikami

    14th March 2023 – (Tokyo) Popular Japanese adult video actress Yua Mikami, announced her retirement from the industry via a video on her personal YouTube channel yesterday. The news sent shockwaves through the AV community, where she has been a prominent figure for eight years. Mikami tearfully recounted her career in the 14-minute video, expressing gratitude to her fans and reflecting on her initial motivations for becoming an AV actress.

    Mikami had previously stated her intention to continue working in the industry until the age of 30, which she will turn later this year. In the video, she revealed that she believes she has accomplished all that she can as the character of “AV actress Yua Mikami” and that it is time for her to retire. She acknowledged the challenges of the profession and expressed appreciation for the support of her fans throughout her career. Mikami also announced that her final AV release will be in August, coinciding with her birthday, fulfilling a promise she made to herself to work until the age of 30.

    Mikami did not provide specifics about her plans after retirement, but did express interest in pursuing other opportunities, including seeking employment with companies. She has assured fans that they will still be able to see her on various social media platforms and on Japanese television programs.

    News of Mikami’s retirement has left her fans, including many long-time supporters, saddened by the announcement. Many expressed their appreciation for her hard work and dedication to the industry over the past eight years, with some even shedding tears over the news. However, some fans are supportive of her decision and believe that she has already achieved significant success and can pursue other interests outside of the AV industry. The retirement of Mikami, a beloved figure in the AV community, marks the end of an era for many of her fans.