Popular candidate in round 1 audition of “Miss Hong Kong 2021” is of Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino descent


    16th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) The first round of audition last week for TVB’s annual beauty pageant “Miss Hong Kong 2021” successfully attracted a lot of criticisms on social media.

    Among them, the 19-year-old Kirsten Fok, who was described by many to resemble the Buddha and Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story is the most popular candidate. Some also said she looks like Bob Lam, a local comedian-actor and veteran actor, Albert Law. To the surprise of many, it turns out that Kristen can sing ‘quite well’.

    She has sang many songs and launched two albums under the name LENAR BATA. It is known that Kristen, who lives in Tung Chung, is of Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino descent. On the day of the Miss Hong Kong audition, she showed up with her brother who has helped composed 6 songs under the name LENAR MITCHELL. He can play a recorder flute. The siblings have a very good relationship. They often sing together on YouTube. There are currently 32 subscribers on Lenar Bata Youtube Channel.