Popular boy group MIRROR releases call-to-vote ad ahead of upcoming district council elections


    8th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) With the district council elections scheduled to take place on December 10th, the highly popular boy group MIRROR has finally unveiled their long-awaited call-to-vote advertisement! ViuTV’s “3 Mins ENnews” segment, which airs at 7.55pm today, recently featured a video showcasing MIRROR, ERROR, and P1X3L, urging viewers to participate in the district council elections.

    In the video, all twelve members of MIRROR, including Lokman Yeung, AK Kong, Frankie Chan, Ian Chan, Jer Lau, Edan Lui, Jeremy Lee, Anson Lo, Tiger Yau, Alton Wong, Stanley Yau, and Keung To, lined up in unison to deliver a powerful message, calling on voters to remember to cast their ballots on 10th December.

    Additionally, members of ERROR also appeared in their own video, reminding everyone to exercise their civic duty and “remember to vote.