Pope Francis clears path for Italian teenager to become first millennial saint

Carlo Acutis

27th May 2024 – (Vatican City) The Vatican revealed that Pope Francis has attributed a second miracle to Carlo Acutis, an Italian teenager who is now on track to become the first millennial saint. Carlo, often referred to as the patron saint of the internet among Roman Catholics due to his computer skills, tragically passed away from leukaemia at the young age of 15 in 2006.

Carlo’s extraordinary journey towards sainthood began in 2020 when the Diocese of Assisi, where his family owned property, petitioned the Vatican to recognise him as a saint. In February 2020, Pope Francis acknowledged the healing of a boy with a malformed pancreas, which was attributed to Carlo’s intercession. This initial recognition marked his beatification, an essential step towards canonisation.

The recent second miracle attributed to Carlo’s intercession involved the recovery of a Costa Rican university student who suffered severe head trauma after falling off her bicycle in Florence. Despite doctors warning of low survival rates and the need for major brain surgery, the woman’s mother visited Carlo’s tomb at the Sanctuary of the Renunciation in Assisi, praying for her daughter’s well-being. Miraculously, the young woman began to exhibit signs of rapid improvement in her breathing, mobility, and speech. A subsequent CT scan showed the disappearance of the brain haemorrhage, and she was eventually transferred to a rehabilitation facility.

With the recognition of this second miracle, Pope Francis has announced plans to convene a meeting of cardinals to consider Carlo’s sainthood. The formal canonisation ceremony date has yet to be announced.

Carlo’s life and his remarkable use of the internet to share his faith have captured the attention of many. His dedication to Catholicism and his self-taught digital skills allowed him to create a website documenting miracles and serve as an “influencer for God,” as admirers have called him. The Vatican sees Carlo’s canonization as an opportunity to highlight the positive impact of social media, particularly in reaching out to disengaged young Catholics.