Pop singer Kay Tse advocates for early financial planning for children’s education

    Kay Tse

    24th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) At a recent event jointly organized by HSBC and the British Council, celebrated Hong Kong singer Kay Tse offered insights into her proactive strategy for securing her children’s future through education funds.

     The ceremony marked the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for Hong Kong students in the UK.

    During the event, Tse revealed her straightforward strategy for her children’s savings: “Start saving the moment they are born.” She described her investment approach as diversified, involving a variety of assets to ensure steady growth over time. Despite the complexities of financial planning, Tse emphasised the importance of early preparation to meet the rising costs of education.

    The financial burden of educating children in the UK came as a surprise to Tse. HSBC’s recent survey highlighted that parents need to prepare at least HK$3.6 million for every child studying in the UK from primary to secondary education. This amount covers tuition, living expenses, and extracurricular activities, with additional costs for family visits and preparatory courses potentially amounting to around HK$700,000 due to inflation and exchange rate changes.

    Tse, a mother of two, expressed her commitment to investing in her children’s future without expecting any direct financial return. She encourages a broad learning experience for them, involving various interest classes to enhance their appreciation of the world. “It’s not about winning trophies,” she stated, “but about enriching them with values through diverse experiences.”

    Her son, James Cheung, is nearing the completion of his secondary education, with his education fund already fully financed and accruing additional savings. For her younger daughter, only seven years old, Tse acknowledges there is a longer path ahead and emphasizes the need for continuous financial readiness, supported by her husband, actor Louis Cheung.

    HSBC’s partnership with the British Council aims to facilitate educational aspirations among Hong Kong youth, offering programs like the HSBC Premier Academy-University of Oxford Taster Programme & Imperial College London Exploration Camp. These initiatives provide students with firsthand experience of studying in prestigious UK institutions, preparing them for the challenges of international education.