Police urged to investigate the girl who injured her eye during 2019 protest


24th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) The girl who was injured in the eye during the anti-extradition protest in 2019 reportedly left Hong Kong as early as last year. It is believed that her physical and mental condition was not serious. Some lawmakers and members of the legal profession believe that even if the girl has absconded, the law enforcement agencies must investigate whether she has committed any illegal acts during her appearance at the scene of the conflict. If it is found to be true, she should be prosecuted according to the law and suggested that the police should proceed as soon as possible. Police should also announce the cause of the girl’s injury to reveal the truth.

Legislative Councillor Elizabeth Quat said that the girl was used as a scripted propaganda to target police force. Hence, the police should investigate the incident as soon as possible. In addition to finding out the cause of the girl’s injuries, it is also necessary to investigate that although she appeared on the scene as a “volunteer first aider” that day, it should be thoroughly investigated whether she participated in an illegal assembly and whether the violence that occurred was related to her actions.

Quat also pointed out that the reason why the girl fled to Taiwan is a mystery, and the other party has not explained the incident and refused to report to the police. She also used judicial procedures to prevent the police from requesting medical reports to investigate the truth of the incident. Moreover, even if she was wanted by the police in the future, it is believed that she could not be extradited to Hong Kong for trial.