Police tighten security after bomb threat against Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station

2nd April 2023 – (Taipei) On the first day of the Tomb Sweeping Festival, police have heightened security measures at Taipei Station complex after an anonymous bomb threat was made against the Airport Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line. The threat, which was issued through an overseas IP address, prompted authorities to take swift action to ensure public safety.

The April 1st-5th holiday season was marked by crowds of travellers at airports, train and bus stations. Taipei Station complex, which houses the Airport MRT station, as well as shops and stations for trains, high-speed trains, and Taipei MRT trains, was particularly busy. The bomb threat sparked concern among commuters, and police were quick to respond to the situation.

According to CNA, the online message that threatened a bomb explosion at the site was the reason behind the tightened security measures. This is not the first time such threats have been made, and authorities are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the public.

As in previous cases, the chief suspect behind the anonymous bomb threat is believed to be a Chinese national who had returned home after studying in Taiwan. According to a report by UDN, the suspect has not yet been identified, and investigations are ongoing.

Authorities have warned the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. The bomb threat has caused concern among commuters and travellers, but authorities are doing everything possible to ensure their safety.