Police thank civilians who help in nabbing the murder suspect of taxi driver on Lamma island


14th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) A 48-year-old taxi driver was assaulted by a 31-year-old mixed-race male passenger in the early morning of 12th October and was certified dead after being sent to the hospital.

Based on intelligence collection and analysis, the police went to Lamma Island yesterday to investigate and search for the suspect, Matthew Choi who was born in South Africa and of Chinese-British descent. During this period, a member of the public reported that a man on the island resembling the suspect was spotted. It is believed that the suspect changed clothes after the crime in Western District and then boarded the ferry to Lamma Island on the same day.

Matthew Choi was arrested on Lamma Island

The police then intercepted the suspect near Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier  before arresting him at around 8.36pm. He was wearing a red T-shirt at the time. Police received a report from residents on the island earlier saying that a man resembling the suspect was drinking beer outside a store. It is reported that the store is located near Tai Wan San Tsuen but the shop owner, Mr. Chan, said that it was closed yesterday, so CCTV footage did not capture the arrest. The police officers then escorted Choi onto a marine police boat before taking him back to Cheung Chau Police Station.

He was then transferred to another police station via Marine Police Regional Headquarters in Sai Wan Ho for detention. It is reported that the suspect did not have weapons or superficial injuries when he was arrested. The detectives later found a black garbage bag in the nearby grass. There was a black stab-resistant vest and a pocket knife about 9 cm in length hidden in the bag.

Police believe that the suspect committed the crime independently and he did not know the deceased. Police are investigating his mental background and whether he was instigated by others, and whether he had any accomplices which triggered his motive for committing the crime. During the police investigation, the police released case information on the suspect through the media and social platforms. During the investigation, many citizens provided information to assist the police in hunting down the suspect. This fully demonstrated the importance of police-civilian cooperation and police expressed gratitude to the citizens who provided information during the process of solving the case.