Police seize cocaine worth HK$1.61m in drug manufacturing plant in Yau Tong, 23-year-old man arrested


26th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Special Duty Squad of the Kowloon City Police District, based on intelligence and in-depth investigations, conducted an anti-narcotics operation at about 7.30pm yesterday (25th). Officers raided the sub-divided unit of a factory building on Ko Fai Road, Yau Tong, and smashed a drug manufacturing factory. Police officers seized about 765 grams of suspected crack cocaine, about 434 grams of suspected cocaine powder, about 1,000 grams of phenacetin, 205 electronic atomisers containing suspected cannabis oil, and some other chemicals used for diluting drugs.

Police officers arrested a 23-year-old man named To (23 years old) in the unit on suspicion of “drug trafficking” and “drug production”.

During the operation, the total market value of the suspected drugs seized was approximately HK$1.61 million. After preliminary investigations by the police, it is believed that the criminals attempted to use the factory building to operate a drug manufacturing factory to supply to entertainment outlets in East and West Kowloon districts. The arrested man has been detained for investigation.