Police seize 6m worth of Cannabis concealed in tables in Yuen Long


1st December 2021 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Customs raided a drug warehouse in Lam Hau Tsuen, Yuen Long on 29th November. A total of 55 kilograms of cannabis were seized during the operation. After follow-up investigations, Customs officers believed that a batch of dangerous drugs had been smuggled into Hong Kong. They were transported to a yard in the same area.

As of about 1 pm yesterday, the operation team witnessed a man carrying goods into the yard. They then subdued the man who tried to escape. Customs officers inspected the goods carried by the man and found that they were seven expensive wooden tables, each measuring about half a meter by 1.5 meters, and they were reportedly shipped to Hong Kong via vessels in the United States and Canada. After further searches, it was revealed that each table contained 18 packets of suspected cannabis. The total weight of the drugs was about 28 kilograms and the estimated market value was about 6 million Hong Kong dollars. The 23-year-old man suspected of drug trafficking was arrested on the spot. He reported that he was unemployed.