Police seize 38 imitation firearms and arrest 3 suspects


27th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) Police uncovered 3 cases of possession of imitation firearms this morning. After searching multiple locations, 3 men (aged 17 to 44) were arrested on suspicion of possession of imitation firearms and possession of offensive weapons. 38 imitation firearms, 8 knives, a telescopic stick, a batch of gas masks and a batch of anti-government flags and newspapers were seized. The New Territories South Regional Crime Squad stated that it was discovered earlier that several suspects were selling gas masks and some weapons in an online group. After investigation, a 17-year-old high school student was identified. He was arrested this morning. Air gun and telescopic stick, knife, gas masks, filters, some “Revolution of Times” flags and anti-government newspapers were found at his residence.

Police are investigating the source of the items, whether there are other suspects involved, and whether young people were being manipulated to engage in illegal activities.

Meanwhile, the Crime Squad of the New Territories North Region raided a residential unit in Tin Shui Wai and found 9 modified air guns, 3 long and 6 short modified air guns, 18 magazines, 3 sabre swords, a batch of gas masks and gas canisters, and 2 anti-government flags.

Aa 23-year-old man who reported being unemployed was arrested, and the imitation gun and sabre sword were sent for examination. In addition, the Kowloon West Regional Crime Unit also searched a residential unit in Sham Shui Po this morning and seized a total of 27 air guns, 56 magazines, 3 sabre swords, 9 long and 18 short air guns. Officers arrested a 44-year-old man who reported to be a delivery man. There is no evidence temporarily to link the three cases.