Police respond to allegation of sexual assault during detention at San Uk Ling Holding Centre by CUHK female student


11th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) A female student, Sonia from the  Chinese University of Hong Kong claimed that after being arrested, she was sexually assaulted by police officers during detention at the controversial San Uk Ling Holding Centre. She was one of the arrestees during the night of 31st August at Prince Edward MTR Station. She alleged that police used excessive force during arrest and she said she was not the only one who was sexually abused, there were also others who were abused and sexually assaulted by different police officers irrespective of sex. She was emotional during the dialogue session held at Chinese University of Hong Kong yesterday and she broke into tears when narrating her ordeal at the holding centre. The headmaster responded by saying that the use of violence was wrongful which includes police violence. He promised that he will pursue the case with the particular student in private.

The dialogue session commenced at around 5.30pm today and participants included students and alumni. It deliberated for over 3 hours before ending at around 9.30pm. Topics discussed included Anti-mask law of which the university said that the law has no impact on the university.

In response to the allegation by Sonia, police issued a Facebook statement at midnight today by according high priority to such a serious allegation. So far, the Complaints Against Police Office has not received any complaint of sexual assault related to the San Uk Ling Holding Centre. Police will proactively contact the female and appeal to her to provide concrete evidence so that they can launch a fair fact-finding investigation as soon as possible.