Police request CCTV footage and Octopus transaction records from restaurants at airport on 13th August during the siege


22nd August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After thousands of protesters occupied the airport on 13th August and mobbed a Chinese reporter from Global Times & another mainland Chinese, police arrested many people. Commercial crime unit of police force issued letters to several restaurants in the airport recently to provide CCTV footage 15 hours before and after the clash on 13th August. Octopus transactions records were also requested by by police. A lot of civilians were of the opinion that police were trying to create a ‘white terror’ by requesting information now.

By trying to obtain more information via Octopus cards, police may conduct more arrests. CCTV footage from12pm, 13th August to 3am, 14th August was requested by police. The management of most restaurants has not decided whether to hand over the clips. Some legal professionals have advised against giving the clips to ensure privacy of customers. Many feel that police should obtain a proper court order before they are allowed access to the CCTV footage.