Police quash online rumour that the video made on 1st July to warn protestors at Legislative Council to back off was pre-recorded earlier


3rd July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Chief Superintendent TSE Chun-chung of Police Public Relations Branch quashed an an online rumour spread by netizens about a video posted on police’s Facebook on 1st July.

According to Tse in a new video posted on the police Facebook’s page at around 2am today, many protestors lost control and stormed into the Legislative Council building to commit criminal damages at around 9pm yesterday on 1st July. Due to safety concerns and many other factors, police decided to retreat completely from the building. Police issued a video on Facebook moments after they stormed into the building to give final warning to peaceful protestors so that they could leave.The purpose was to reduce unnecessary clashes between police officers and protestors.

Tse further stated that there were still more than 30,000 protestors within the Legislative Council building. Police made a video from 10.02pm till 10.12pm on 1st July and uploaded it on their Facebook at 10.21pm.

Left picture: allegedly photoshopped picture Middle picture: Actual screenshot. Right Picture: Police’s watch showing hour hand, second hand and minute hand. Source : Hong Kong Police

As to the time on Tse’s watch in the video on 1st July, police believe that his watch was photoshopped and they questioned the ulterior motive of the perpetrator. We reported the news yesterday that the video was probably pre-recorded at 5.05pm on 1st July as alleged by netizen(s). (Read here)

We also reported that the video was uploaded at around 9.36pm instead of 10.21pm. A check on the Police’s Facebook page shows now the video was uploaded on 10.21pm as Facebook function does not allow actual time of posting to be shown in less than 24 hours.

The post on 1st of July now shows 10.21pm.

Actual screenshot from the video. The actual time shown was 10.05pm with the second hand stopping near 5.
Video released by police on 1st July at 10.21pm on Police Facebook.
Video released by police at around 2am today to quash the rumour. Source : Hong Kong Police Facebook page.

Police felt that it was irresponsible for netizens to shift the responsibility to the police force by using a photoshopped picture of Tse’s watch. The police sternly denied that the video was pre-recorded.