Police officially issues arrest warrants for 6 political activists who fled Hong Kong

From left to right (Clockwise) : Simon Cheng, Nathan Law, Wayne Chan Ka-kui, Samuel Chu, Honcques Laus and Ray Wong Toi-yeung.

31st July 2020 – (Hong Kong) One month after the implementation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law”, many politicians who had advocated Hong Kong’s independence or democratic self-determination fled overseas. According to sources, the police officially issued arrest warrants for six Hong Kong citizens overseas, including former Hong Kong Standing Committee Member Nathan Law, Ray Wong Toi-yeung former convener of Hong Kong Indigenous,  Wayne Chan Ka-kui, convener of the “Hong Kong Independence Union”, Simon Cheng, former staff member of the British Consulate General in Hong Kong, Honcques Laus, former member of Studentlocalism and Samuel Chu,  younger son of the Rev. Chu Yiu Ming, a veteran and leading pro-democracy. It is reported that the six people are wanted for violating the national security laws of Hong Kong

They are respectively suspected of inciting secession and colluding with foreign countries or foreign forces to endanger national security. The police may consider freezing their and related organisations’ accounts in Hong Kong. According to the provisions of the law, anyone who organizes, plans, implements, or participates in the secession of the country or undermines national unity, requests foreign or overseas institutions, organizations, or personnel to impose sanctions or take other hostile actions against the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the People’s Republic of China. Both are violations of the National Security Law and can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Nathan Law, who was disqualified as a member of the Legislative Council suddenly resigned from his own political party, Demosisto before the national security law took effect in Hong Kong and fled secretly to the United Kingdom. After that, he frequently met with foreign politicians and attended hearings via video call in the United States. During the meeting, Hong Kong was criticised many times during the meeting, and they called on all countries to sanction China and Hong Kong.

Ray Wong, who jumped bail and absconded for his charges during Mong Kok riots in 2016, was granted asylum in Germany in May 2018. He has publicly stated that he would seek foreign support to promote Hong Kong’s independence. As for Wayne Chan Ka-kui, who was suspected of participating in the illegal assembly in June last year, fled before the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law. He also posted a post on Hong Kong independence on social networking sites. Last year, Simon Cheng was accused of prostitution in the Mainland and was administratively detained by the authorities for 15 days. He later claimed to have been subjected to severe torture and political persecution, and then went to the UK and obtained political asylum status. Cheng once accepted an interview with foreign media earlier this month, saying that he would organise a “Parliament in Exile” to support the Hong Kong democratic movement. Honcques Laus earlier disclosed on social networking site that he was worried that he would be persecuted by the Hong Kong government because of his political views. He fled to the UK at the end of June. He later called for foreign sanctions on China and the Hong Kong government. Samuel Chu posted on social media that he requested U.S. government to stop the implementation of the extradition agreement with Hong Kong, and he crowdfunded to promote foreign sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials.