Police officers arrest 4 men suspected of carrying weapons in Tuen Mun’s Yeung Siu Hang Tsuen

Yeung Siu Hang Tsuen

9th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) At around 2am today, residents of Yeung Siu Hang Tsuen in Tuen Mun reported a group of armed men wandering around the village, arousing suspicion of their nefarious intentions. Police officers quickly responded to the scene and discovered a suspicious private car near an archway. Upon inspection of the car’s trunk, they found a meat cleaver, and four men inside the car were immediately apprehended.

During the search, officers discovered three more private cars that were believed to be involved in the incident. They found five knives, a hammer, a metal pen, and a steel rod both inside and outside the vehicles.

To conceal the licence plates of the four private cars that may be related to the case, the officers covered them with paper. After a preliminary investigation, it is believed that some of the suspects involved in the incident are still at large. The officers are investigating all leads to unravel the full details of the case.

The potential gang-related bloodbath was thwarted thanks to a taxi driver who reported suspicious activity to the police. A a taxi driver passing through Yeung King Road in Tuen Mun noticed several individuals carrying weapons and suspected that they were up to no good. He immediately reported the incident to the police, who responded quickly and arrested four suspects on the scene.

The suspects, aged between 17 and 22, are members of the notorious “Sun Yee On” gang, which is known to operate in the Sam Shing Estate area of Tuen Mun. Sources suggest that the gang’s leader, was handling a sensitive matter involving a romantic dispute for a friend. In preparation for possible retaliation, the gang members armed themselves with weapons including knives, iron pens, iron sticks, and hammers and were planning to stage an ambush in the village. However, their plans were foiled by the taxi driver’s report and the subsequent police intervention.