Police officer involved in raid of massage parlour in Wan Chai in 2021 says in court Director of NSD and a masseuse were found in a room


11th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) 51-year-old Frederic Choi Chin-PangSenior Assistant Commissioner and Director of National Security Department of Hong Kong Police has been suspended from duty after he was caught having a massage at an unlicensed massage parlour during a raid last year. Choi has been on leave for 5 months pending investigation. The police subsequently pointed out that there was no criminal element involved after the investigation of the incident. Choi has resumed duties and became the Director of the Personnel and Training since then.

Meanwhile, the massage parlour was involved in providing prostitution services. 4 defendants including the masseuse (36 years old), unemployed woman (34 years old, Vietnamese), masseuse (35 years old), and unemployed man (61 years old). The three female defendants were each charged with one count of managing a prostitution establishment, namely VIET SPA on Johnston Road, Wan Chai.

2 of them were also charged with one count of managing a massage parlour without a valid license. The only male defendant was charged with operating a prostitution establishment at the same location during the same period, and operating a massage parlour without a valid operating licensce.

The trial continued in the Eastern District Court today (11th). The police officer who was involved in the operation on 19th March 2021 gave a statement in court. During cross-examination by the defence, he admitted that in Room 7 of the massage parlour, there was a man and a woman in the room. The man was a senior male police officer surnamed Choi and the woman was named Jessica. He said that he only remembered seeing him in news and on the police website. Chan admitted that he knew that Choi was the director of the National Security Department at the time but he did not question him or check his ID card. He also did not record the incident as he believed that the incident had nothing to do with the investigation. The contact was described to be very brief but he informed is superior immediately.

The defence lawyer pointed out that when the police officer knocked on the door of Room 7 that day, someone opened the door a few minutes later. There was a masseuse in the room, but Choi closed the door immediately. After a few minutes, someone knocked on the door and Choi immediately left. He was aggrieved and allegedly shouted at the officers. However, the police officer refuted the claim and said that Choi opened the door and appeared calm.

The trial will continue tomorrow.