Police officer fires 2 warning shots while stopping suspicious vehicle on Princess Margaret Road, driver resists arrest (Updated: 5pm)


10th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A high-speed car chase in Hong Kong ended in a dramatic arrest after a suspect crashed into a police car in Hung Hom. The incident began when a driver noticed a vehicle with the same licence plate as his own and became suspicious, leading him to call the police for assistance.

At 11.45am today, police officers stopped a suspicious private car on Princess Margaret Road in Hung Hom. However, the driver refused to cooperate and attempted to accelerate away from the scene. The car crashed into a roadside guardrail near Hung Hom Divisional Police Station before police officers caught up with it.

Some of the officers were wearing bulletproof vests as a precaution, and an investigation is currently underway to determine why the driver refused to cooperate with the police. It is not ruled out that the driver may have been involved in other criminal activities, and attempted to flee when caught. Due to the incident, traffic toward Tsim Sha Tsui on Princess Margaret Road was disrupted.

Upon investigation, the 25-year-old male driver on the private car was arrested for trafficking in dangerous drugs, driving without a valid licence, dangerous driving, using false instrument and driving without third party insurance. He is being detained for further enquiries.  Approximately 42 grams of suspected cocaine, packaged in 80 bags with a total market value of about $60,000, were seized from the private car and the scene. The private car is also suspected to be a stolen car.

The Transport Department has announced that Princess Margaret Road towards the direction of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel remains closed near the Kowloon City Police Station and Hung Hom Divisional Police Station due to an unforeseen incident. Bus routes in the area are being diverted as a result of the road closure.

Drivers are advised to consider alternative routes and to avoid the affected area if possible. The closure of a major road such as Princess Margaret Road can cause significant traffic disruptions, leading to delays and inconvenience for commuters and travellers.

A dashcam footage captured the incident.