Police officer aims pump action shotgun at protesters to disperse them near Kwai Chung Police Station


30th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) More than a thousand of protesters surrounded Kwai Chung Police Station after police charged 44 out of the 49 protesters for inciting riot in Sheung Wan on 28th July 2019.

Video credit Fung Kai Wing

The exterior wall of the police station was vandalised while eggs were hurled. At 10.30pm, protesters threw umbrellas and other objects at riot police near the the bus station nearby before they started to pepper spray the protesters.

While Andrew Wan, a pro-democracy legislative councillor was reasoning with the police, riot police suddenly stormed out from the police station to clear the crowd. During the commotion, a police officer aimed a pump action shotgun at protesters to disperse them.

Another bunch of riot police again charged towards the protesters before retreating into the police station. At 11pm, protesters started to wear masks and protective headgear and they were in stand off with riot police. The situation was very tense.