Police may issue arrest warrant against Brian Leung and Fan Chun Man for trespassing LegCo building last year

Brian Leung (Left) and Fan Chun Man (Right)

3rd August 2020 – (Hong Kong) After the anti-extradition rally on Hong Kong Island on 1st July last year, a large number of demonstrators broke into the Legislative Council building and many people were arrested. Eleven men and women, including Althea Suen Hiu-nam, then president of the University of Hong Kong’s student union, Ventus Lau, spokesperson for Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team and Gregory Wong, local actor were charged with trespassing and occupying the Legislative Council Chamber illegally. There were also charged with participating in riot.

The cases were divided into five different cases in the West Kowloon Law Courts today (3rd). The cases will be referred to the District Court for management on 20th August. The Eastern District Court also processed two related subpoenas this afternoon. The defendants were Brian Leung Kai-ping (26) who is currently in the U.S. and Fan Chun Man (27). The prosecution said that the police still failed to deliver the summons to the two, so they applied to adjourn the case until 13th October until the police discussed how to contact the two, or whether they would ask the court to issue arrest warrant.